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بیکینگ پودرها

Active Greasing Oil

In order to prevent stickiness of bakery product like bread, cake, pastries & …… to the pan or molds Azarnoosh shokoofeh company designed an active greasing oil which can prevent stickiness by forming a very thin layer on pan or mold surface. Some of greasing oil advantages are: possibility of

Research achievements

Research support of Azarnoosh shokoofeh company To achieve a broader scope of collaboration and exchange of training, scientific and technical knowledge, this company provide latest achievement to honorable experts with uses of European partner facilities and human resources experience. To this end, we would like to introduce our R&D experts

About us

Azarnoosh shokoofeh as a knowledge-based food production company has started its activity since 2004 as a producer in line of baking improver based on emulsifier and enzyme. The operation has started in cooperation with Kerry (a major Dutch producer of raw material for food industries). As the first Iranian producer

Contact US

Contact US   Office: Unit 1, NO 4, 5 th Farhang, Farhang Blvd , Saadat Abad, Tehran , Iran TEL 1: +98 21 88687294 TEL 2: +98 21 88683182 TEL 3: +98 21 88688919   Telegram:   Email:   Working hours: Sat to Wed : 8 AM-5 PM

Fermented product improver (donut)

Fermented product improver (donut) Product Name: Emulgel Donua Golden Appearance: Gel/ hydrated emulsifier Color: light yellow Feature: Dona golden is a kind of gel improver that consist of different kinds of emulsifier to improve qualitative specification The advantages are: Homogeneous dough, speed up dough production process, accelerating the fermentation process,

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