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Bakery egg powder

Bakery egg powder due to the ability to keep and stabilize the air cells formed in the dough sponge cake and other products, it has an effective role in maintaining and improving the qualities of the dough and the final product. It improves softness, uniformity and texture desirability.

Egg powder is used because of high nutrition value, emulsifier property, foam production in different industry specially in cakes & cookies.

Some advantages are:

۱-easy transportation

۲-cost & storage space reduction

۳-easy consumption & reduce production time

۴-improve shelf life in compare with fresh egg

۵-Reduce the waste caused by fresh eggs

۶-increase freshness and postpone retrogradation of final product

۷-improve qualitative features like color, taste, texture &….

۸-usability in various flour product and other product that need egg in their formulation

advantages Recommended dosage & preparation instruction product
Improve dough and final product quality, easy transportation, prevention of microbial growth, long shelf life, suitable for all kinds of bakery products Mix 1 part of powder

With 3 part of water

Bakery whole egg powder

Appearance: yellow powder

Packing: 10 kg cartoons

Best before: 1 year after production date

Storage condition: keep in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight

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