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Baking powder

Baking powder:

One of the most important properties in baking products is volume.using the appropriate chemical agent is very important for increasing volume, porosity and spong texture of the final


Azarnoosh Shokoofeh has designed different kinds of professional baking powders and recommend suitable baking powder based on type and weight of final product.our baking powder are classified in two groups: single acting and double acting baking powder which single acting baking powders consist of three kinds of baking powder : slow acting,medium acting and fast acting baking powder.

Appearance: powder

Best before: 20 months after product date.

Packing: 25 kg, composite bag

Storage condition: keep in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight

advantages features Recommended dosage based on     flour weight Type
Increase volume and porosity with slow reaction speed,suitable for different kinds of cakes with high weight and frozen dough like frozen pizza dough -Significant gas releasing in baking phase.

Reaction speed:

۲ min —> 10% co2  ۸ min—> 11% co2











۴۰ gr per 1 kg flour


        Super baking powder

(Slow acting baking powder)

Increase volume and porosity

suitable for cake with  light & medium weight


Reaction speed:

۲min —->32% co2

۸ min—-> 36% co2

Medium baking powder
Increase volume & porosity with fast reaction speed,suitable for various kinds of cakes with short baking time like  pan cakes ,cookies,doughnuts Maximum gas release rate in short time Cookie baking powder

(Fast acting baking powder)

Increase volume & porosity by control releasing gas in 2 phases .suitable for layer cakes & swiss rolls Releasing some of co2 gas during mixing and the rest in baking phase in 40-45 c

In 1st  stage—>fast acting materials are reacting & produce gas quickly

In 2nd phase—>slow acting materials release gas during baking phase

Double action baking powder
Increase  aeration in batter ,increase volume & porosity in all kinds of baking products Significant gas releasing Star baking powder


(optimum acting baking powder )


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