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Cake Gel (Emulgel)

Cake Gels are hydrated form of various emulsifiers. These products play an important role in bakery products quality.Using gel cakes improve the aeration and other features in bakery products. Some other advantages of using gel cakes are: oil reduction in cakes formulation, use of ‘All in one’ method in dough mixing, reducing mixing time, increasing final product volume, increasing texture softness and increasing shelf life.


Packing:2, 2/5, 20kg, bucket

Storage condition: keep in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight




Gel Cake (Recommended dosage) /based on batter Feature & Advantage Application
۲۰۱ Golden (gel/hydrated emulsifier) increase the process of dough preparation speed-improve the physicochemical properties of the final product- make the uniform and soft texture-improve the cake volume, postpon the retrogradation-Increase product freshness In a variety of oily cakes and pastry products.
Eco Golden (gel/hydrated emulsifier) Up to 1/5% Increase aeration – increase softness- improve the product appearance- increase the shelf life and postpone retrogradation Different kinds of bakery products
Top Golden(gel/hydrated emulsifier) Increasing aeration- maintance the air cells in the dough, significant increase in volume & height of the final product- significant softness in texture-create the shape and good appearance in product & increase freshness Muffins, cupcakes, layer cake- oily cake
Silk Golden (gel/hydrated emulsifier) Less than1% Increasing the aeration and stabilizing the air cells in the dough, increasing the volume and height of the final product, smooth texture in final product-improvement of organoleptic characteristics , postpone retrogradation, maintance the softness & freshness during the storage Layer cakes – swiss roll & cakes that’s important to have soft texture and freshness during storage
Cookie Golden (304/2) (gel/hydrated emulsifier Less than 1%  Specially designed for cookies improving the qualitative characteristics of cookies & softness of the product Different kind of cookies(industrial & traditional)
Emulgel daily golden (Powder) Up to 2% Easiness in Transportation, storage and manufacturing, Cost-effective, possibility of gel production based on daily requirement- Improve the dough physical and rheological properties,  make the stable and uniform texture with proper volume in final product- Bakery product

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