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Biscuit Improver

Broken biscuits are not desirable, improving biscuit texture is definitely very effective on quality so Azarnoosh shokoofeh introduced two kinds of improvers (Bisco golden & Behvar1000) which both of them consist of various emulsifiers which are suitable for all kinds of soft biscuits.

Some advantages of these improvers are: increasing the volume, ability of oil reduction in formulation, postponing retrogradation, easiness of dough preparation and improving freshness and crispiness of final product.


Application: soft biscuits

Best before: Behvar1000 is 1 year after production date

Bisco Golden is 6 months after production date

Packing: Behvar1000,25 kg, composite bag

Bisco Golden, 1.2/5.20 kg, bucket

Storage condition: keep in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight


product appearance Recommended dosage Feature & advantages
Behvar1000 powder ۰/۶% (based on flour weight) Easiness of dough preparation, volume increase, postpone retrogradation, applicable for all kinds of soft biscuits
Bisco golden Gel/hydrated emulsifier ۱% (based on dough weight) Possibility of oil reduction, produce high quality dough,  increase volume, freshness and crispiness applicable for all kinds of soft biscuits

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