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Fermented product improver (donut)

Fermented product improver (donut)

Product Name: Emulgel Donua Golden

Appearance: Gel/ hydrated emulsifier

Color: light yellow

Feature: Dona golden is a kind of gel improver that consist of different kinds of emulsifier to improve qualitative specification

The advantages are: Homogeneous dough, speed up dough production process, accelerating the fermentation process, increasing the volume of the product after the fermentation and preparation process, significant soft texture and keeping soft texture during the shelf-life, prevention of  wrinkling


Application: fermented product like donut

Recommended dosage: up to 1/5% flour weight

Packing: 1, 2/5, 20 kg, bucket

Best before: 9 months after production date

Storage condition: keep in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight

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