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About us

Azarnoosh shokoofeh as a knowledge-based food production company has started its activity since 2004 as a producer in line of baking improver based on emulsifier and enzyme. The operation has started in cooperation with Kerry (a major Dutch producer of raw material for food industries). As the first Iranian producer of Gelcake, we aim at supplying improvers to increase food quality and winning a larger market share for Iranian producers.

We rely on the updated knowledge, our experienced employees, well-equipped laboratory unites, R&D department , our R&D licenses and certificates, including ISO9001-2008, HACCP, and ISO22000, to move towards our goals and enhance the quality of our products.

The advantages of these improvers include long-lasting freshness, consistent quality, volume increase, soft and fine texture and in general higher quality.

Each product finds its own special application depending on the final intended product.