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Active Greasing Oil

In order to prevent stickiness of bakery product like bread, cake, pastries & …… to the pan or molds Azarnoosh shokoofeh company designed an active greasing oil which can prevent stickiness by forming a very thin layer on pan or mold surface.

Some of greasing oil advantages are: possibility of using in various pans and molds, waste reduction and has no effect on taste and odor of the final product.

Application: In various molds, bands and bread trays

Packing: 1,3,19 kg, Gallon

Best before: 4 months after product date

Storage condition: keep in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight

Greasing oil Appearance Features, advantages & usage
Active-100 Low viscose liquid Power full effect on stickiness prevention, suitable for spray nozzle or manually greasy, applicable for all kinds of pans, trays & molds
Active-400 Viscose liquid Viscose greasing oil applicable with brush for all kinds of pans, trays & molds
Azor Oil-based liquid Stability against heat & oxidation-significant Separability from pan & molds, reduce deposition on the mold surface, suitable for spray nozzle

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