Heat-resistant nourishing cream

Brain cream is one of the new products of Azarnoosh Shokoofeh Company, which is a ready-to-use cream combination for use in a variety of baking industry products such as cakes, croissants, sweets and.. Thermal stability, texture stability and viscosity in different temperature and physical conditions, non-penetration into the texture of the final product, maintaining softness and freshness after the thermal process and the ability to inject before and after baking are the most important features of this product. This product is offered in a variety of flavors of milk, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, coffee, hazelnut and in a variety of fruit flavors including oranges, cherries, apples, strawberries, coconuts, dates and other flavors.

Uses: cakes, croissants, sweets and…

Consumption: Depending on the size of the final product.