In order to prevent the adhesion of baking products such as cakes, pastries and bread to the mold, bands and trays used, the mold oil product of Azarnoosh Shokoofeh Company has been designed. The use of this product makes the ability to completely separate the products from the mold easily and also prevents the formation of mass on the inner surface of the molds, thus making the process of cleaning the molds easier. One of the most important features of this product is resistance to heat and oxidation, in addition, this product will not have any effect on the taste and smell of the final product. It is worth mentioning that Active 100 mold oil (very thin mold oil) is one of the types of mold oils of Azarnoosh Shokoofeh Company, which can be sprayed or greased by hand (brush), various molds and bread bands, and products that have sugar in their formulation. It is offered like a cake.

Uses: Types of tray molds and bread bands and products that have sugar in their formulation.

Consumption rate: varies depending on the type of molds

oli Active 100

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