Golden Silk Emulsion

The formulation of Golden Silk Emulsion is completely unique due to the type, variety and composition of emulsifiers used in it. Due to the formulation of this emulsifier, a significant increase in the quality characteristics of the final product is one of the most important features of Golden Silk. This product is designed to produce a variety of layered cakes and Swiss rolls due to the noticeable softness in the texture of the final product. Increase aeration and stabilization of air cells in the dough, significantly reduce the specific volume of the dough, produce dough with a fully cohesive texture, increase the volume of the dough, increase the volume and height of the final product, create a very soft and uniform texture in the final product, prevent compaction In the internal texture of the product, the improvement of organoleptic properties, significant delay in stagnation, maintaining softness, softness and freshness during storage are the most important features of using Golden Silk.

Uses: A variety of layered cakes and Swiss rolls, as well as cakes that have a soft texture, softness and freshness during their shelf life.

Consumption: up to 1% by weight of dough.


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